Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its all about Evie Foster

Well hey there...

So today myself along with Nicole of Luminescent Photography decided to do a quick shoot.  It was a beautiful day and Nicole was inspired by "lighting". I LOVE when she is inspired... She really has learned so much since her and I first met almost a year ago and he great thing about that is... I have learned too. Wow... And we have become not only business colleagues but really great friends And that is what I enjoy the most... :-)

Anyhoo, So like I said before, Nicole was inspired by "lighting... specifically "back lighting". We thought we'd experience our first time with this and the photo's came out really good. The other piece to this idea was my Evie Foster original... This one piece white jumper was KEY to the whole "back lighting" concept. So here are some photo's.. I hope you enjoy!

 This first photo was the first couple shots of the morning. We loved the flowers and the colors. The sun was in the perfect spot.

This was the second location of the morning. I was sitting between these beautiful rows of flowers. I felt like a princess. :-)

This was the last shot of the morning... This location may look familiar to you. In the "Spring Shoot" I was in this same location but it wasn't in full bloom. Well... I'd say they were in full bloom now... just beautiful... :-)

So this was the shoot... It was quick and straight to the point. We are getting better and better... Its all a work in progress and we are enjoying our work. Thank you. Until next time...
Ciao :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Snap Snap Snap.... Its BeatNik!

We did this shoot the same day we did the "Twiggy" shoot... We had a lotof fun that day! Trying new things and being creative are what we enjoy to do... So here is a photo of my interpretation of "Beatnik Style"... "Snap Snap Snap"...

We have more photo shoots planned... This next one we do I am REALLY pushing myself... so I hope you enjoy it... Until next time... Ciao :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 Photoshoots! WOW!

Hey there!
So since my last post I have had 3 photo shoots! Two were ones that my team planned and the other was with a new photographer!
I met Myles Rich on ModelMayhem a model/photographer site and we began to talk and build a great relationship. From that we decided to do a shoot together and I learned alot about myself and modeling w/Myles. Its not always glamorous but we do what we need to so the photographer can get the shot they are looking for... so with that being said... here are some photos from my shoot w/ML2 Photography out of Gig Harbor, WA.

First shot of the day... Location... On the Beach in Gig Harbor, WA

Still shooting on the beach... Myles found different abstract things to shoot by...

In mid Smile :-)

Still on the beach... striking my couture pose!

Just given a lil attitude... That's what I do... What can I say! lol

Amazing photography and angles Myles uses...

Pretty proud of myself... Myles got me IN the water! The photo turned out great!

Myles liked a necklace that I had... It was my mothers... we added it to the photo... I felt close to my mother all day... Thanks Mom!

This shot was great... Myles had me lay on the ground... and it was really sunny out so my eyes began to water... you can see my tear... Wow!

I was asked to splash in the water... I felt like a kid again... nice shot Myles!

I am in the water again...

This was a great capture of Myles telling me what he wanted in this shot... and below... I think he got it! lol
I think this is my favorite shot of the shoot... I was leaning on a big stack of old logs... Myles was above me and got a great shot... just AMAZING!

First shot of the "Tribal" Shoot WOW!!!

I can't believe this is me!!!
This was taken at Fort Steilacoom in Lakewood, WA. I absolutely LOVE this shot!

WOW! Talk about attitude!!! I didn't really think I had it in me! lol There is no turning back now! I think I am on my way! lol

The next set of photos I did with Nicole and my cousin and makeup artist Asha. We studied and tried to emulate a famous model named "Twiggy". She is pretty amazing... So this was out interpretation of "Twiggy"... Enjoy!

This photo was the inspiration behind our shoot...
This is pretty neat! We pulled it off! This is really AMAZING!


Nicole LOVES when she catches me SMILING!!! lol I don't smile very well on camera... but she caught me in mid Smile/Laugh... lol


That's all for now... We have a few shoots on the books so I cant wait to show you more when the time comes! Thanks everyone for following me! Until next time... Ciao Bella :-)

Kori Leilani

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its been awhile... and so much has happened...

Hello... So forgive me for taking so long to post another blog since my last one... I am still new at this...

Since I last wrote I have done a few things... Asha, Nicole and I did a shoot in early May the "Spring" shoot! So much Fun!!! you can really tell we all have been working hard to perfect each of our crafts and it really shows in this shoot! Here are some photos...

This is a dress that was provided by Trade Chic Boutique in Redmond, Wa. We were on location at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA. It was such a beautiful day! This dress was AMAZING!!!
My favorite pics :) Tell you why later!
Love these two pics... I look so... Pretty... Wow.. Sometimes I cant believe its really me...
Absolutely LOVE this photo! Another photgrapher in the area offered her red chair to us in this shoot... " Thank you" it really makes the photo pop!
I just love everything about this photo... it makes me smile!
Since I last wrote I have done a few things...  A designer named Kenneth Doswell of Betty Jean Couture in Portland, OR found me on facebook back in May and asked me to be apart of a shoot with him. This was my very first "professional" shoot! It was truly amazing... It was a great day! I took my cousin and makeup/assistant Asha of Rosy Cheeks with me and also my photographer and friend Nicole of Luminescent Photography with me as well. I figured it would be a learning experience for all of us! We all did very well... I am very proud of us! Great Job Ladies... Here are some before and afters... of our trip...
Just done with hair and makeup. WOW! Ive never looked so glamorus!
Another Before photo... after hair and make up... :)

Luminescent Photography-taken right after my hair and makeup were done... Awesome Photo!

From left to right Model Kori Leilani Hair Stylist Beverly Model Sommer Greene Makeup Artist George
Model LaVelle Palmer

First outfit of the day... a Betty Jean Couture original LOVE! I was So nervous!

I started to loosen up a bit... I LOVE this photo!

Second outfit of the day... this dress was BANGIN!!! I wanted to take it home with me... :)
Getting more comfortable...
Next location... We were on a CLIFF!!! ABOVE WATER!!! it was a little cold but I was so high off adrenalin!!! This is an amazing photo! An amazing DRESS!!! Betty Jean Couture
Starting to feel a lil "sassy"... lol
Moving with the flow of the wind... It really was an overwhelming experience... I remember it like it was yesterday!
I had to bring out my inner fiercness! ha!
 Once I got back from Portland it was time to start getting ready for FFF Week 2011 in my old stomping grounds New York City! How exciting! I was going there with the intensions of networking and meeting some wonderful, empowering women in the Plus industry... One being Ms. Evie Foster. She is a Full Figured designer and an amazing person. She was being featured as one of the new designers at FFF Week. Evie did a model search called " The Face of Evie Foster" and I entered it and I WON!!! I have NEVER won ANYTHING in my LIFE! lol i know who still says that right? lol but its so true! So this was a huge accomplishment in my modeling career. I was originally going to FFF Week as a spectater but now... I am going as a winner or a model search and not just any model search EVIE FOSTERS model search! well... Some things didnt quite work out for Evie and FFF Week and she was unable to go but she was adement that I still go and Rep her and myself and get my name out there... Anyone that knows me knows that this was REALLLY hard for me to even THINK about doing! lol Well... I went... and I am proud to say that I did really well... :) I met all the people that I hoped to meet and then some! I made connections and great friendships with some AMAZING talent. Everyone was so pleasant... The greatest moments were meeting Ms Gwen Devoe and Ms Sharon Quinn. They both blew me away! Here are some pics from my week in NYC at FFF Week 2011...

This was the photo I entered into the "Face of Evie Foster" Model Search... This was the Winning Pic!!!

First event of FFF Week 2011-All White Cruise
View of NY while on the boat
My brother and I... Looking FAB in our All White... Me in my Evie Foster Design
AMAZING PHOTO!!! Myself with the fabulous Ms. Gwen Devoe!!! The only teo wearing Evie Foster orignals!!! AWESOME!!!
I had a great opportunity to meet a FB friend and now a real life friend Ms. Andrea Jackson... She is a beautiful person
OMG!!! The original "RUNWAY DIVA" Ms Sharon Quinn!!! LOVE IT!!!
Ms Marie Legette the "Curvy Fashionista" herself!
Me with the Statue of Liberty! I love NY!
WOWZA!!! Both of them in ONE photo!!! Ms. Gwen and Ms. Sharon! Love you both so very much!!!

Well... I am back from NYC and back to my old routine... I learned alot while in Ney York and I am very inspired to keep on going! So... You will be hearing from me soon! I hope you have enjoyed my post! I with check back with you soon!

Take Care,

  Kori Leilani