Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its all about Evie Foster

Well hey there...

So today myself along with Nicole of Luminescent Photography decided to do a quick shoot.  It was a beautiful day and Nicole was inspired by "lighting". I LOVE when she is inspired... She really has learned so much since her and I first met almost a year ago and he great thing about that is... I have learned too. Wow... And we have become not only business colleagues but really great friends And that is what I enjoy the most... :-)

Anyhoo, So like I said before, Nicole was inspired by "lighting... specifically "back lighting". We thought we'd experience our first time with this and the photo's came out really good. The other piece to this idea was my Evie Foster original... This one piece white jumper was KEY to the whole "back lighting" concept. So here are some photo's.. I hope you enjoy!

 This first photo was the first couple shots of the morning. We loved the flowers and the colors. The sun was in the perfect spot.

This was the second location of the morning. I was sitting between these beautiful rows of flowers. I felt like a princess. :-)

This was the last shot of the morning... This location may look familiar to you. In the "Spring Shoot" I was in this same location but it wasn't in full bloom. Well... I'd say they were in full bloom now... just beautiful... :-)

So this was the shoot... It was quick and straight to the point. We are getting better and better... Its all a work in progress and we are enjoying our work. Thank you. Until next time...
Ciao :-)

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