Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 Photoshoots! WOW!

Hey there!
So since my last post I have had 3 photo shoots! Two were ones that my team planned and the other was with a new photographer!
I met Myles Rich on ModelMayhem a model/photographer site and we began to talk and build a great relationship. From that we decided to do a shoot together and I learned alot about myself and modeling w/Myles. Its not always glamorous but we do what we need to so the photographer can get the shot they are looking for... so with that being said... here are some photos from my shoot w/ML2 Photography out of Gig Harbor, WA.

First shot of the day... Location... On the Beach in Gig Harbor, WA

Still shooting on the beach... Myles found different abstract things to shoot by...

In mid Smile :-)

Still on the beach... striking my couture pose!

Just given a lil attitude... That's what I do... What can I say! lol

Amazing photography and angles Myles uses...

Pretty proud of myself... Myles got me IN the water! The photo turned out great!

Myles liked a necklace that I had... It was my mothers... we added it to the photo... I felt close to my mother all day... Thanks Mom!

This shot was great... Myles had me lay on the ground... and it was really sunny out so my eyes began to water... you can see my tear... Wow!

I was asked to splash in the water... I felt like a kid again... nice shot Myles!

I am in the water again...

This was a great capture of Myles telling me what he wanted in this shot... and below... I think he got it! lol
I think this is my favorite shot of the shoot... I was leaning on a big stack of old logs... Myles was above me and got a great shot... just AMAZING!

First shot of the "Tribal" Shoot WOW!!!

I can't believe this is me!!!
This was taken at Fort Steilacoom in Lakewood, WA. I absolutely LOVE this shot!

WOW! Talk about attitude!!! I didn't really think I had it in me! lol There is no turning back now! I think I am on my way! lol

The next set of photos I did with Nicole and my cousin and makeup artist Asha. We studied and tried to emulate a famous model named "Twiggy". She is pretty amazing... So this was out interpretation of "Twiggy"... Enjoy!

This photo was the inspiration behind our shoot...
This is pretty neat! We pulled it off! This is really AMAZING!


Nicole LOVES when she catches me SMILING!!! lol I don't smile very well on camera... but she caught me in mid Smile/Laugh... lol


That's all for now... We have a few shoots on the books so I cant wait to show you more when the time comes! Thanks everyone for following me! Until next time... Ciao Bella :-)

Kori Leilani

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